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at Mallorca

Talented chefs whip up glorious dishes while bar staff provide modern twists on traditional mocktails and cocktails, keeping everyone on their toes. With plenty of Spanish influence foodies can either choose to stick to their own dish or sample it all with a selection of platters.

11:00am - 7:00pm

The epitome of everything that is chic and glamorous about a day and night at the beach, Nikki Beach Mallorca is a place you’ll want to stay and dine.

Over the years, the Nikki brand has made sure to maintain a strong reputation for serving good food and Mallorca is no exception.

Continually innovating and creating contemporary, fresh food, much of it focused on healthy and organic options using sustainably-sourced meat and fish. A raw bar with fresh oysters is a great option as is a Sóller prawn carpaccio.

Menu Highlights VIEW FOOD MENU

Miami Beach Chicken Caesar Salad (G) (D)
22 EUR

Chicken, baby gem leaves, Nikki Beach’s signature Caesar dressing, rustic croutons, Parmesan cheese

Water Melon and Feta Cheese Salad (V) (D)
24 EUR

Watermelon, quinoa, cucumbers, farm baby tomatoes, organic feta cheese, basil, balsamic glaze, basil oil, lemon and basil sorbet

Spaghetti Gamberetti (S) (G) (A)
28 EUR

Sautéed local shrimp, white wine, sliced garlic, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil.

Nikki Beach's Famous Chicken Satay (S) (N)
29 EUR

Sesame marinated chicken strips, Asian vegetables, spicy peanut sauce, steamed jasmine rice

Dubai Grilled Cauliflower (N) (D) (V)
22 EUR

Cauliflower, green harissa, sliced almonds, golden raisins, marinated olives, arugula, garden herbs, lemon and tahini dressing

Nikki Beach's Famous Sushi & Ceviche Boat (S) (G) (D)
295 EUR

Saint Tropez Fantasy Roll, Marbella Spicy Tuna Roll, Koh Samui Vegetarian Roll, 2 x Saint Barth Salmon Roll, Ibiza Rainbow Roll, 12 Nigiri, 12 Sashimi, Tropical Seafood Ceviche, Tuna and Salmon Tartare, Asian wakame salad, steamed edamame, pickled ginger, wasabi, light soy sauce


Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio

(D) (G)

Thin cut beef fillet, artichoke, beetroot, herb cream, Parmesan cheese, pickled portobello mushrooms, garlic chips, black olive salt, rustic grissini

25 EUR

Beef Carpaccio
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There’s a wide wine selection, including some local Mallorcan wines, and of course the diverse cocktails menu that includes the Nikki Beach World Famous Mojito. We love the pan-seared sea bass served with broccolini, almonds and Mallorca hibiscus salt.

The epitome of everything that is chic and glamorous.

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“ Sabado hemos estado por primera vez en nikki beach mallora perfecto para pasarlo bien, buena musica.”
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